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About NEP UK

Roll to Record is the UK’s leading innovator for Reality Television, Gameshows and Entertainment Series, and is proud of its 20 year history.

Always breaking new ground, our back catalogue speaks for itself. Looking to the future, we continue to develop our technology, including Robotic Cameras, hidden cameras and Broadcast Galleries.

We work with the UK’s leading production companies and broadcasters, to create some of the most pioneering and memorable shows of our time.

Roll to Record has always been involved in multi-platform productions, which are technically managed by our dedicated engineering team and professionally administrated by our experienced Production Co-ordination staff; between them, we cater for every crewing and technical eventuality, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

No wonder the UK’s biggest shows regularly turn to Roll to Record.

Roll to Record’s Robotic video camera system

Roll To Record have a wide variety of Robotic camera systems, with multiple discreet rigs possible with Q Ball and Minizoom cameras, and Panasonic HE 50 cameras with bespoke control softwear to enable the use of the Q Ball operator control panel to give maximum flexibility on location.

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