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Alpha Grip (TV Grip Equipment)

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Alpha Grip (TV Grip Equipment)
+44 (0)1932 593505
M Stage,
Shepperton Studios Studios Road,
TW17 0QD,
England UK

About Alpha Grip (TV Grip Equipment)

Alpha Grip Limited, based in Shepperton Studios, in the heart of the British Film Industry, has the latest grip and crane technology. The company is run by grip specialists working for grips, crew and production.

Alpha Grip is a supplier of everything and anything to do with grip and crane equipment to all TV and feature film production. We house all the popular Chapman and Fisher dolly systems along with various telescopic and modular crane packages. We are able to complement the cranes with any type of remote head being 2 or 3 axis depending on requirements.

We have a large inventory of accessories and associated equipment that can assist the grip department through whatever challenges they face on any production.

The grips can also approach us with an idea they may have, to either update some pieces of equipment, or having something engineered up for a particular shot or rig. We are able to take this idea and manufacture it to a high specification. That piece of kit is then rented to production and is added to our rental inventory.

The Alpha Scorpio Arm is not a Crane, is not a car, is not a Stabilised Head.

The Alpha Scorpio Arm is a different concept of Camara Car. With it we can do camera movements from a car controlled from inside driving at high speed and having images more stables, dynamics, and with all safety measures for the members of the team. Outside we have an arm of 3.5 meters (extensible to 6 meters), one stabilised head Scorpio and the camera. Inside we have the driver, the arm operator, the head operator, the focus puller and the DOP, all of them comfortably sat in safety, communication between them and the precision driver with wireless head phones, and looking the images from 5 high resolution monitors (HD and SDI).

The design of the arm allows putting the camera as high as other existing equipments, maintaining the centre of gravity closed to the car than our competitors. With this design the system is more stable, safety and all this, together with its digital control that allows pre-recorded positions, set limits, movements memorised, make this the most technologically advanced of its kind.


Name Role Email Telephone
Andy Webber Rental Manager 07585 508 595
Justin Doran Finance Manager 07969 733 359


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