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Matthew Bull
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About All Access Staging & Productions Ltd

All Access Staging is the premier choice for the hire of rolling stages, rolling risers & rostra in the UK and throughout Europe. Our patented Versa Stage modular staging system is the best in modular, rapid-deployment staging.

Whether you need a riser for your drummer, a one-of-a-kind stage for an arena tour, a rostrum for an exhibition stand, or some decks for a TV show, we have the experience and the staging kit to fulfill your requirements.

Versa Stage Systems
The cornerstone of the All Access operation and the key to our success is the proprietary Versa Stage® system.

Designed to make optimum use of truck space and deploy rapidly, the modular system comes as an extensive kit of parts. The key component, the deck, is constructed with an aluminium frame using a custom extrusion and populated with 1” marine grade plywood.

Versa Aluminium Cable Ramp
The Versa Cable Ramp in made to the highest standards for the hard graft of protecting your cable whether on tour or in a muddy field somewhere. Designed and manufactured in house by a team who know the rigors of working with these items day in day out. Fabricated in aluminium these are light weight 58 kg each can easily be carried by 2 guys and measure in at 132 cm x 111 cm x 10 cm. Each section fits together with nylon bushes then lock in place with a standard coffin lock system.

Staging Effects
When your show calls for something a little more theatrical we can supply a wide range of electro-mechanical effects. If you want to drop a cloth and reveal your star performer, add some of our V3 solenoids to your production. Perhaps your star performer wants to rise up out of the stage majestically! We can supply lifts of all shapes and sizes to help accomplish the desired effect.

Set Lighting
As shows become more dynamic, we are often called upon to provide decks with built in LEDs to either stream video or just add another element to the production. We have years on experience in this budding area of the industry and are constantly testing new products, including those developed in-house and those provided by third parties.

Some staging equipment has a low price tag but is no bargain. Extra labor costs, nickel and dime accessories, special site preparation and other factors can drive the bottom line cost into the red zone. Versa products are engineered for bottom line performance with easy setup and compact shipping. In fact, a Versa Stage requires less handling and truck space than other staging equipment and has earned a reputation as the best touring stage in rock and roll.

Whether you need a custom set or a small riser system, All Access gives you the latest technology in a strong, safe and dependable package. And because our equipment is designed with touring needs in mind, it sets up quickly, does its job safely and strikes in a flash.


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