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The complete equipment hire and crewing service for the Red One Digital Cinema & Sony EX3 XDCAM HDcamcorder. Shoot Blue provides you with a one-stop-shop for experienced crews and broadcast camera equipment rental. Our service is based around the Red One 4K High-Definition camera and the Sony EX3 XDCAM camcorder. Backed up by full 24-hour technical support, we will provide you with a dependable and affordable service for any requirement, including broadcast television, commercials, corporate and motion-picture production.

Shoot Blue offers a scalable, fully managed crewing service. If you require crew or production staff, we'll always work to match your exact requirements, providing you with the right level of experience, technical know-how and creative ability to deliver great results for your next production.

Our crew portfolio includes leading directors of photography, lighting camera operators and location sound recordists – all with a proven and dependable track record, whether it’s in broadcast documentaries, commercials or drama production. In addition, we can also supply a wide-range of highly skilled support staff and specialist crew, including lighting electricians, assistants, grips and make-up artists.

We offer a wide range of rental equipment and accessories including Cameras, lenses, lighting etc, all backed up by our 24-hour technical support service.
In addition, we can also provide a range of specialist facilities and production equipment. Contact us today to discuss your requirements on 0208 275 8780.

picThe Red One camera goes beyond just being innovative.

It’s revolutionary in its ability to match unrivalled high-definition picture quality and resolution with a fast, tape-less workflow, flexibility and superb value for money. Recording at up to 4 times the resolution of comparable high-definition (HD) camera technology, the Red One camera offers compelling picture quality at a highly affordable cost.

With a 35mm motion-picture sized imaging sensor and utilizing PL mount prime and zoom lenses, it offers the ability to create a high-end ‘film’ look– think optically crisp, vivid colour and tonally rich images, with a cinema style ‘depth of field’ and exposure latitude, unknown in conventional video cameras. Putting it perhaps more simply, it produces pictures that just look stunning.

picThe EX3 takes low-cost, high definition production one step further from existing lightweight HD camcorders, such as the Z1 and EX1.

Featuring an 1/2'' interchangeable lense mount, the EX3 permits the use of a range of high-end broadcast lenses, ranging from wide-angle zooms to large ‘box’ type lenses – it’s no longer limited by the use of a fixed, built in lenses. What’s more, it records onto solid-state media in XDCAM format, providing the benefits of faster post-production workflows and offering far-superior picture quality than the HDV format.
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