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Manike - Songwriters & Composers
01162 422 859
Maryann and Michael Tedstone
Workspace 29 Phoenix Square,
Midland Street,
LE1 1TG,

About Manike - Songwriters & Composers

Michael Tedstone is a composer based at the Phoenix Square, Film and Digital Media centre in Leicester. Writing under the name Manike, Michael has been in the music industry for over 10 years and has been signed to, and written for publishing companies such as Big Life Publishing, Universal, Audio Network and Felt Music.

Michael scores bespoke music in styles ranging from Electronica to Orchestral using the latest technology mixed with live instrumentation. His music is featured in advertising for Barclays, Pepsi, Morrisons and television programming such as ‘Bang Goes the Theory’, ‘The ONE Show’ and 'The Apprentice'.

A speciality of Michael's is a fusion of music from different cultures with modern pop aesthetics for television documentaries.

His interest in music of different parts of the world and time periods has led to collaborations with a number of specialist international musicians. These collaborations include albums of East meets West Chinese music with Erhu instrumentalist Ling Peng and albums of Arabic influenced cinematic music with guitarist Glenn Sharp.

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  • Music Composition
  • Sound Design
  • Music Production


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Michael Tedstone Composer 01162422859


Company News

Songs of Loss and Longing album featuring artist Michael Vickers released through Bibliotheque Music

Check out our new album released through Bibliotheque Music. The album features the unique song writing style of Michael Vickers and a backing band of drums, bass, guitar, strings and brass.

Have a listen on the Bibliotheque website:

Songs of Loss and Longing

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Far Eastern Lifestyle Album for TV released through Audio Network

We have just released our most recent production album for use in TV through Audio Network. The Far Eastern Lifestyle Album takes influences from China, Mongolia and Japan and mixes fuses them with a Western aesthetic. Written with Glenn Sharp and Ling Peng the album music use for authentic instruments and voices.

Have a listen on the Audio Network website:

Far Eastern Lifestyle Album

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South East Asian Lifestyle Album for TV released through Audio Network

We have recently released an album of music for TV programmes and documentaries inspired by the music of South Asia. The soundtrack includes indigenous instruments such as the Gamelan and the Angklung combined with Western guitars and percussion recorded in fantastic detail designed specifically for use in media.

Have a listen on the Audio Network website:

South East Asian Lifestyle Album

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