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VideoPhill - Compliance recording

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VideoPhill - Compliance recording
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About VideoPhill - Compliance recording

VideoPhill is an affordable software solution for archiving large
volumes of video material for later analysis. It is used by
broadcasters for compliance recording and by monitoring houses to
archive and analyze captured video material. It uses industry proven
Osprey video capture cards.

  • unlimited recording (depending only on hard disk capacity)
  • will record any signal given from Osprey hardware
  • PAL-BDGHI and NTSC-M are supported
  • recording of audio with video
  • up to 3 days per 10GB (with 256kbps video)
  • in-frame time stamp labeling
  • various frame size options and bitrate/quality configurations
  • local or remote (LAN) playback of recorded archives via VideoPhill Player
  • custom time stamp position inside the frame
  • archive video without a single frame loss
  • visual indicator of audio signal
  • e-mail error reporting
  • file export for playback on other computers
  • auto-start capturing with OS start
  • logo insertion/descriptive text
  • support for all Osprey cards PCI/PCI-X/PCIe
  • Export to DVD, FLV, DivX, XVid

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Informacija d.o.o. is also available for various custom projects regarding playback, recording and other utilities, at very affordable rates. Contact us.

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