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About Robert Allsopp & Associates

Robert Allsopp & Associates is a company specialising in props, costumes and effects for the entertainment industries.

One of our specialities is creature puppets and costumes; our recent feature film work includes the Costume Oscar-winning film Gladiator.

Film Work
We have undertaken work for a wide range of clients from the BBC TV to Walt Disney Theatrical.

Violence plays an integral part in many operatic/theatrical productions, and so armour is a mainstay of Robert Allsopp & Associates' international reputation.

Masks have been used for centuries as a theatrical device to communicate the gamut of emotions. We employ many techniques, some of which are displayed on our website.

About Us

After studying Theatre Design for three years, Robert served an apprenticeship with the noted jeweller Martin Adams. He was fortunate to work under Martin's supervision on many film and TV projects including the Oscar-winning Last Emperor. Over the next few years, Robert combined this apprenticeship with other work for the Royal Opera House and TV productions such as Dr. Who, Max Headroom and various BBC comedy shows, often collaborating with fellow effects workers Stephen Mansfield and Sue Moore.

As the workload and scope of the projects became greater, Robert decided to expand his previously modest premises. The current workshop allows for separate areas for the diverse aspects of the work: metal work, costume making, vacuum forming, mould making, etc.

It was at this point that '& Associates' was added to the company name, to acknowledge the enormous contribution of the workshop team members, making it clear that this was no longer the one-man operation it had once been.
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