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Sensorcom specialise in the design and manufacture of in-ear and audio communications accessories for use in difficult and abnormal conditions. Typically these include covert operations, motorcyclists, entertainment industry and many applications where intelligible communications are necessary in high ambient noise areas. We also make accessories for hearing aid users that give them the freedom to use mobile phones simply without interference as well as a full range of earplugs for use in industry and leisure pursuits. We have recently added a new range of products to help tinnitus sufferers that include masking and laser treatment products.

Sensorcom is a young and innovative company with a proactive research and development team and a highly skilled workforce. We have the vision and resource to react quickly and efficiently to special projects and can offer cost-effective prototyping and manufacturing both in the UK and with our business partners in the Far East. Projects that we completed recently include a lightweight noise-occluding headset for high speed motorcycle communications, a low-cost in-ear monitoring solution for musicians and an audio level-limiting covert earpiece for police and public order forces that need to comply with European noise exposure regulations.

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