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Media Matters Technology Ltd
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About Media Matters Technology Ltd

DVD Duplication & Replication Specialists for fast turnaround copy protected DVDs

Media Matters Technology have over 10 years’ experience in the CD and DVD duplication business, and can also meet your Blu-Ray duplication requirements with our 600 disc capacity automated Blu-Ray duplication system.


CD and DVD Replication
We provide high quality fast turnaround replication services and in conjunction with our European manufacturing partners; can provide you with CD or DVD replication with high quality offset printing along with any packaging configuration, providing you with a professionally finished product on time and within budget.

CD and DVD Duplication
For time critical work where a really fast turnaround is required or your requirement is less than a 1000 units we provide a high quality CD and DVD duplication service. Utilising high quality inkjet or thermal retransfer direct to surface disc printing, Media Matters can produce your DVDs within a very short space of time with a quality finish, and where required with DVD copy protection.

Blu-Ray Duplication
We can meet your short run Blu-Ray duplication requirements with our Microtech automated Blu-Ray duplication system. With licencing costs involved with Blu-Ray replication, duplication is often the preferred method of production, providing you with a fast turnaround, a much lower cost and a professionally finished product with the packaging of your choice.

Video Encoding, Transfer and Conversion Services
From your supplied video footage (we can work with most video formats) we can output to a whole range of formats from CD, DVD, digital tape (HD CAM DVtape, Digibeta etc) and many electronic formats for web streaming etc. Many legacy formats are also supported, and we can transfer to and from the following formats:

HD-CAM / HDCAM Read / Write (can output from files)
HDV Read and write
FCP MOV FILE FORMATS (Final Cut Pro to tape and other formats)
Digital8 Video 8, Hi8 (PAL and NTSC)
DigiBeta - Sony Digital Betacam PAL Read Write Output
Digibeta - Sony Digital Betacam NTSC Read Write Output
Betacam SP (525 & 625)
Philips Lazer disc (laser disk)
Umatic (PAL, NTSC)
DV tape (Mini DV) DVcam DVC PRO
2" Quad 525 and 625
1" B and C Format (PAL)
D1, D2, D3, D5 Formats in PAL and NTSC
Philips Lazer (laser Disk)
Alchemist Ph.C Standards Conversion with Clean Cut
Digital Vision DVNR with Scratch and Dropout concealment

Creative and DVD Authoring Services
From your supplied edited footage we can provide you an encoded and authored DVD with static or moving menus in either PAL or NTSC ready for duplication or replication. We also provide the same services for Blu-Ray production and authoring. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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