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Richard Adams has been developing his own style of martial arts since he began training over twenty years ago. Kuen Tao is the distillation of this knowledge.

The style's roots are in the Kung Fu styles of Wing Chun and Wu Shu. Richard has allowed his art to flourish by not sticking too rigidly to his base and incorporating ideas from other kung fu styles and the teachings of Bruce Lee.

As well as studying kung fu in the UK and Hong Kong, Richard has shared knowledge with western masters of Thai boxing, Boxing, Ju Jitsu, Kali, Unarmed Combat, Savatte, Jeet Kune Do and Kick-Boxing.

Kuen Tao incorporates many of the stronger elements of these different arts. It does so without applying rigid and outdated doctines which reduce the effectiveness of the movements in diffent situations. In this new art, students are encouraged to flow and adapt their fighting style so that they can cope in any situation.

The grading syllabus is a stepping stone system, building technique at each stage. Students are expected to learn series of different moves and techniques, and importantly, to be fully aware of their application in different situations. There are no rigid forms or katas to be learnt for each grade. Instead, students are expected to apply themselves to learning the best way to utilise their own strengths and eliminate weaknesses.