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The Old Granary,
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About Tinplate Products Ltd

Tinplate Products Ltd has been operating for 15 years and is now recognized as market leader for DVD, CD and other multi-media packaging in metal. From this base we now offer a range of tins to meet the needs of almost all customers and markets.

We are regularly working for Blue chip clients, often through their agencies, providing tins to package premium brand products. We have won industry awards for our Jaguar and McLaren car-shaped tins and a special-edition “Iron Maiden” casket, thereby proving our ability to innovate.

In addition to providing solutions for the retail and promotional markets, our extensive range of stock tins are widely used for business-to-business applications, particularly promotional mailing. Indeed we are market leaders for multi-media packaging in tin with an extensive range of tins to hold CDs and DVDs.

Tin is durable, smart and creates a lasting impression, enhancing the brand. Our greatest satisfaction is to get a stunning tin onto the market, whether printed or embossed, so that your product stands out from the rest. You will find our level of service excellent and we are very flexible, friendly and used to meeting tight deadlines.

We manage the whole process from design through to production and delivery, ensuring the solution to your packaging needs is delivered on time and at a competitive price.

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* Multi-Media Tins
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* Special Projects
* Trays and Ashtrays
* Wall signs and Magnets

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