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About Evolution | VFX & Models London

In the last two years Evolution has completed a diverse range of work from the award winning Talk Talk campaigns with Evolution receiving a Golden Arrow for Model Making. Last year we produced both model making and special effects the title sequence of ‘Skyfall’, and Middle Eastern explosions for the Paralympics commercials.

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Evolution has created Special Effects, Prop Making, Miniatures and Models for a number of commercials. For the Award Winning Range Rover Accelerator Commercial, Evolution created a multitude of Special Visual Effects designed and tested specifically for the advert including underwater explosions.

Evolution also created Special Effects for the National Lottery, Spec Savers commercials, and a beautiful ½ scale model set, for the ‘Chicken and Egg (USA) Direct TV ad campaigns.

But our most current work as of May this year, was building two 11ft characters that moved with the aid of 10 puppeteers for the new Lexus Campaign. This project is an exciting project that Evolution is very proud to be involved with. The exoskeleton of the characters was 3D printed with a beautifully engineered smooth animatronic mechanism.

For ‘The Sweeney’, Evolution produced an array of Special Effects enhancing the remake of a great British Classic.

In recent years we have created the Special Effects and the Wings for the Sky HD 1 film ‘Skellig’, the Special Effects and Models for the Andrei Konchalovsky film 'Nutcracker and the Rat King', out later this year.


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