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E-Vision Uk Ltd
0845 202 3902
Frank Rodgers
Kingsland Laines,,
Reeds Lane,
Sayers Common,
BN6 9JG,

About E-Vision Uk Ltd

E-VisionUK understands that the home television market has progressed for standard definition tubes to widescreen and plasma displays. The future development of the market will be in LCD televisions which provide a more space efficient and aesthetically pleasing solution.

In order to address this market E-VisionUK have designed aluminium wall and desk mounts for LCD and Plasma screens.

Beautifully engineered brackets for LCDs up to 40kg in weight and plasma screens up to 55kg in weight.

E-VisionUK can provide a comprehensive range of wall and desk mounts both with standard VESA fitting and specially designed adaptor plates to suit all manufacturers of LCD and plasma TVs.

As E-VisionUK's aluminium brackets can be either wall, desk or ceiling mounted it has allowed them to sell to a very wide range of environments including offices, homes, boats and mobile homes.
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