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Glynn Henderson MD
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About Action Media Safety Limited

Chartered health and safety consultant for the film and television industry. See website.

After 24 years' service with the BBC, Glynn Henderson left to set up Action Media Safety Ltd. 

He had developed a healthy interest in health and safety long before he ever decided to take it up as a profession.  As a 2nd Dan black belt in karate, he taught unarmed combat and personal security techniques for many years for one of the largest clubs in Europe at the time (Kobe-Osaka).  As a team manager at the 1982 world championships and an international karate referee, safety had to be managed if serious injuries were to be avoided.  Taking on the role as an Occupational Health and Safety Advisor was to him a natural extension to being a self defence instructor as the workplace can be more dangerous than the urban jungle.

With years of hands-on experience in hobbies such as martial arts, pistol shooting, rock climbing, hill walking, sailing, skiing, mountain-biking, water-skiing, scuba diving, motorbiking, hill running, etc., he has learned firsthand how to balance the appropriate level of control against the level of risk.  Life is a constant battle of risk versus reward and nothing prepares you better than experience - the knowledge gained cannot be learned from books or training courses alone. 

Having worked in the business for so long, he totally understands the people, their problems and their needs.  He believes that the level of time, effort and money spent on health and safety should be commensurate with the risks.  This means that risks have to be judged carefully to ensure budgets are not wasted unnecessarily. 

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