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Creative Scotland Locations
0141 302 1723/24
0141 302 1711
Brodie Pringle
Second Floor,
249 West George Street,
Glasgow Scotland,
G2 4QE,
Scotland UK

About Creative Scotland Locations

Scottish Screen Locations, part of the national screen agency for Scotland, offers you a fast, free, confidential and informative service to facilitate your project, whether it's a feature film or a stills shoot. We work in conjunction with the regional film offices in Scotland, as well as a large number of national organisations, businesses and service providers across Scotland to ensure a trouble-free filming environment across the country.

We can offer:
  • A digital library of 100,000 images
  • A free location-finding service covering the entire country
  • Familiarisation trips and help with recces for large-scale projects
  • Script breakdowns and assistance with research
  • Contact details for location managers and scouts
  • Free copy of Film Bang, the production guide for Scotland, sent to all incoming productions.

With 37% of the UK landmass populated by a mere 8% of the UK's population, Scotland has a great deal of untouched wilderness to offer. It boasts the UK's highest mountains, deepest lochs, largest forests and acres of unspoilt moorlands. It also has one of the longest coastlines of any European country, an incredible 6,000 miles (9,700 kilometres) varying from rugged cliffs to pearl-white beaches, along with 790 islands. Scotland can also offer the longest summer daylight hours in the UK with up to 18 hours of daylight at midsummer. There is a huge range of locations on offer, from prehistoric sites to contemporary cityscapes, as well as the thousands of castles and mansion houses for which Scotland is renowned. Please see our fully searchable website at for a selection of what Scotland has to offer.

For more details on Scottish Screen's work, including production funding and script development funding, skills development, and production company support, please see the main Scottish Screen website at


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