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Support Finance
01628 668811
Warren Palmer
Neighbours Cottage,
Hill farm Road , Taplow,
Bucks UK,

About Support Finance

SUPPORT FINANCE offers small to medium sized businesses (SME's) a wealth of commercial and funding expertise from the pooled resources of three very experienced businessmen.

You are welcome to contact us regarding any aspect of your business affairs, even if you are merely looking for reassurance or a second opinion - there are very few business situations that we have not experienced first hand ourselves.
There are 4 Key Areas to our services:

* Sourcing business finance of all kinds - debt, equity and asset.
* Advising entrepreneurs in the whole process of selling or acquiring a business.
* Experienced 'hands on' management support during times of crisis or rapid growth.
* Practical help for start up and new companies - business plans, introducing supportive bank managers and bookkeepers, marketing, accounting and tax advice, etc.

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