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About EMF Live

EMF is a worldwide Special Effects and Technical Services Company supplying a turnkey service from large format high power projection to AV, Lighting, Flame & Fire Effects, & Animated water screens.

EMF specialise in Large scale building projection using monumental slide and video projection for architectural and large format image projection.

Large scale Building projection:
EMF’s projectors are now 7KW Hardware for Xenon types fitted with the patented HARDWARE Optimal Light System (OLS) optics that ensure minimised 'Hot spots' giving fully unified light spread across the projected image.

EMF holds the UK’s largest fleet of 7KW Hardware for Xenon Slide Projectors so you can rest assured you are in safe hands with EMF’s unique policy of 'No Risk Fully Backed-up' projector equipment supply.

Video Projection:
Using the latest technology we can provide equipment for the simplest of seminars to multiple large screen, multi-input video feed systems. Whether you have a PowerPoint Presentation or a large building to project upon, EMF will have the correct solution for your needs.

Space Cannon Search Lights
IREOS 4 - 8KW Xenon Space Cannon Search lights.

There is no other searchlight with such high power, intensity and colour mixing (CMY) quality optics available.

These units ideally complement our large format Xenon Slide Projectors for truly massive outdoor building projection and outdoor lighting projects.

Suppliers to TV, theatre, advertising, art projects, concerts, events, music industry, effects.


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