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Pioneer Medical Services
0845 539 5309
Matt Davey
PO Box 189,
Plymouth , South West,

About Pioneer Medical Services

We are a professional company headquartered in the Westcountry, but with the ability to go
anywhere in the UK or abroad. We are widely regarded as the Westcountry's premier training and medical support provider and we supply our clients with the best service available anywhere.

Established since 2001, Pioneer Medical Services provide professional medical support and first aid service for film and TV locations, concerts, public events, sports events and other places or situations where medical safety is required. We are the Westcountry's premier medical support provider and can also assist with all your other safety requirements such as rescue / safety boats, fire and rescue facilities, etc. We are appropriately insured and operate to a set of protocols, which are the same as the NHS Ambulance Services.

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