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Amalgam Modelmaking Ltd
+ 44 (0)117 924 9596
Paul Galloway
Unit 12-14 Lawrence Hill Industrial Park,
Croydon Street,
South Of England,
BS5 0EB,

About Amalgam Modelmaking Ltd

We interpret and create props, make models, or build animation sets and interactive displays - designed for advertising, film or TV productions.

Amalgam has over thirty years experience since starting out as an architectural model maker. We quickly diversified to apply our skills on a wider range of projects - prop making, demonstration models, scenery, exhibition displays, and point of sale or marketing displays. The size of our workshop enables us to offer a ‘one stop shop’ for film makers and producers in Bristol and the South West. You can also find us on site at The Bottle Yard Studios.

Our dedicated team of prop makers have backgrounds in fine art, TV and film production, and exhibition manufacture. We offer design, traditional craftmanship, authentic replicas, signage, sculpture, and specialist paint finishing.

Sharing the workshop with the architectural model making and product prototyping teams means our technical expertise spans 3D printing, electronics, laser cutting and etching, CNC machining, metalworking and vacuum casting.

For more information please call on 0117 9249596 or contact Paul or Elaine
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