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About Media Heaven Ltd

CD Duplication. DVD duplication. Packaging & Printing.

Media Heaven is a full service optical media production and packaging company based in Leeds. We are a single source for CD and DVD duplication, replication, packaging, multimedia and graphic design.

If you're looking for one company to handle your next mail out, CD catalogue, training or educational DVD, you have come to the right place.
Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are focused on providing you with the best advice, quick responses to queries and delivering on or before your deadline. You can have complete peace of mind that your project is handled from start to finish with enthusiasm and the utmost care.

Take a look through our comprehensive website to view our wide range of CD and DVD products. You can start by scrolling through the sections on the right.

Remember: No-one makes CD or DVD duplication easier and no one delivers faster. When you need duplication, replication, complete printing and packaging options, call us on 0113 244 3550.

View our CD printing and DVD printing prices or request a quotation.

CD Duplication fast! Whether you need 50 CDs tomorrow or 5000 CDs in two days, you can rely on us to provide the best CD duplication service without sacrificing on print quality or data integrity. We only use Grade A+, CD-R media produced by reputable CD manufacturers such as Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim. All copies are verified against your supplied CD master before dispatch. Our facilities include several printers and duplicators specially designed for continued, accurate use and we can produce thousands of CDs per day. It doesn't matter whether you need plain, unprinted CDs duplicated or require an onbody print before duplication, our attention to detail and project management is unequalled in our industry. Let us duplicate your press kits, beta software, music demos, cd catalogue, powerpoint presentations and anything else you can fit onto a CD!

For quantities over 500 units, we always recommend replication. This involves the production of a glass master and requires a longer turnaround time. Confused about which option to choose? Read more about the differences between replication and duplication here. After your CDs have been printed and duplicated, we can package them and dispatch to your specified locations.

DVD Duplication fast! As with our CDs, our primary objective is to provide you the best product and timely deliveries without compromising on quality control. We can duplicate tens or thousands of DVDs, printed or plain, and our duplicators are designed for high capacity output while maintaining data integrity. Our DVD media are Grade A+, general purpose DVDs produced by major manufacturers such as Ritek and Verbatim.

Despite their robust appearance, DVDs are more sensitive than CDs and more susceptible to scratches which lead to skipping in players and faulty playback. Let us handle your duplication and be assured of our utmost care and attention to detail. We can duplicate DVD-R and DVD+R and replicate DVD-5, DVD-9 and DVD-10. We always recommend replication for quantities over 500 units. Replication requires a longer lead time due to the creation of a glass master. If you are confused about your options, read more about when to choose replication or duplication here.

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