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About The Revolving Stage Company

The Revolving Stage Company hold a vast stock of revolving stages with over 40 different size variations from 300mm diameter to 20m diameter as well as double and ring revolves. Our revolving stages have been vertically fixed to walls, hung upside down to rotate lighting trusses, built onto platforms that rise and fall and even sunk into the ground to rotate trees in Regents Park! We have developed the only dedicated software available for programming the revolving stages for angle alignment, timed sequences, multiple stage automation, and positional activation of lighting, sound and other external sources.

New to our product range is “REVdeck”. These modular aluminium stage decks are stocked in various shapes and sizes, and are available for dry hire or can be delivered and installed for any event. The aesthetic design of the deck means it can be used without coverings or fascias

Scenery set construction and design.


Company News

Two revolving stages used in the latest production put on by The Liverpool Playhouse

The latest production put on by The Liverpool Playhouse, “The Haunting Of Hill House”, has two revolving stages being used within the set. An 8m diameter and a 6m diameter revolving stage along with the Revolvesolve Encoder software to automate the 2 stages was installed. Identical size revolving stages were also installed in London for the rehearsal period of 4 weeks leading up to the first show in Liverpool.
Revolving Stage at this year`s Jingle Bell Ball at the O2 in London

This year`s Jingle Bell Ball at the O2 in London, once again utilized a 10m diameter revolving stage and static square surround stage for the 2 day event. With multiply acts playing over the 2 days, the revolving stage was used with a dividing wall across the centre to quickly change acts. By setting the next band up behind the dividing wall whilst another act plays to the crowds, at changeover point, the revolving stage is rotated 180 degrees to bring the next band in with all of their equipment ready to go.
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