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WELCOME TO APR Duplication - Your Source for DVD Duplication / Replication & CD Duplication / Replication

APR Duplication provides comprehensive large volume CD and DVD replication services, including CD and DVD duplication, screening, insert printing, and packaging.

DVD Duplication & CD Duplication, Packaging, Fulfillment, Silk Screening and Offset Printing Services in the UK by APR Media Ltd.

If you are looking for a DVD replication and CD replication company that will work as your partner to distribute your creative vision, while providing you with outstanding customer service and superior quality DVD Duplication and CD duplication, you've come to the right place. For over 16 years, the music, film, and software industries have relied on APR Media's unparalleled DVD duplication and CD duplication and fulfillment services. We have demonstrated our commitment to perfection by ensuring that all DVD replication and CD replication projects are seamlessly executed from start to finish of the DVD replication and CD replication process. Our team is experienced, knowledgeable, and extremely talented - providing you with value-added service through every phase of your project, giving you complete peace of mind about your DVD duplication and CD duplication. After all, your success is our reward.

To help you realize your vision, we provide you with a complete range of DVD replication and CD replication services throughout the UK, including customised fulfillment, assembly, inventory management, custom printing and packaging, and advanced E-Commerce solutions. At APR Media, you can rest assured that every aspect of your DVD duplication and CD duplication project is in capable, proficient hands. We look forward to providing DVD replication and CD replication services to bring your vision to market.

DVD Replication & CD Replication
APR Media is one of the largest DVD manufacturing and CD manufacturing and digital media management companies in the UK. With the ability to produce over 200,000 discs a day and strict adherence to ISO quality standards, we can guarantee delivery of the highest quality CD/ DVD duplication products and incredible turnaround. Our DVD duplication and CD duplication and replication services include a variety of media types such as DVD-5, 9, 10, DVD-R, CD ROM, CD-R, CD Audio, shaped discs and business cards.

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Custom Printing and Packaging
APR Media's total solution for your DVD duplication and CD duplication needs includes full colour printing, labeling and customised packaging options at all price points. DVD duplication and CD duplication packages include but are not limited to: manuals, inserts, specialized packaging, custom software boxes, sales and promotional materials, custom box sleeves, license agreements and registration cards, and custom printed labels.

Call APR Media today for more information and to obtain a quote for your DVD replication or CD replication project.

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