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Effect Systems Limited
01635 529955
Simon Tillyer
Unit D , Castle Industrial Estate,
Pear Tree Lane , Newbury,
RG14 2EZ,
England UK

About Effect Systems Limited

Effects Systems provide full engineering support for broadcast equipment such as converters and processing units, vision mixers, character generators, edit controllers, graphics systems and other effects based technology. Specialist support also for PSU's (power supply units)

Specialising in Quantel support for Quantel Henry, Quantel Editbox, Quantel Paintbox, Quantel Picturebox and Quantel HAL. Plus other Quantel Legacy products. Full stock of Quantel parts and engineering assistance and support.

Also specialist support for Doremi Disc Recorders, Marshall monitors and 360 Systems Time Delay and server products.

Establishing in 1995 with ISO 9000 quality assurance. Good rates and excellent engineering!
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