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Engenius Prompting
01612 054433
Jim Lucas
Thorp Road,
M40 5BJ,
United Kingdom

About Engenius Prompting

Television prompting equipment UK prompting equipment for broadcast UK.

Engenius Prompting is the sales and marketing arm for Listec Video Corporation outside of the Americas. Our prompting software incorporates a sophisticated instant text editor, script timings and run order management.

Unicode compatible allows us to operate in any language and under Windows XP, 2000, 98, 95 and NT.

TFT colour flat display prompters available in 6'- 9'-11'-12'-15'-19' and 20'.

The LCD-900 Presto Image Reverser: This unique magic box turns any off-the-shelf TFT panel into a fully professional prompter by automatically reversing the text of a standard display for reflection off the prompter mirror.

Classic CRT on-camera prompters available in screen sizes 9'-12' and 15'.

TFT and CRT prompter displays available for public speaking and awards ceremonies.

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