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About Plowman Craven Limited

Plowman Craven provide technical expertise in data capture for film and video production.

The moving image has enthralled audiences for over a hundred years; we can take your idea and bring it to visual fruition using state-of-the-art technology. We have the technology, the people, the experience, the confidence and the passion to provide interactive visual experiences you can see and touch, delivered in every conceivable way.

We are at the cutting edge of digital media production delivering corporate communications, entertainment, visualisations, advertising and training. We can measure any place, any space, any object and anybody in the real world and recreate it digitally; both accurately and cost effectively. If it needs to be measured, then Plowman Craven 3D can measure it.



  • Visualisation
  • Digital media production
  • Cgi
  • Motion graphics - Presentations & design
  • VFX
  • 3D animation, 3D visualisation, 3d modelling

The world around us, and everything in it, exists in 3D. Increasingly, the wide-ranging Plowman Craven 3D clients demand the accurate measurement and management of all three of these dimensions.

Plowman Craven 3D are a distillation of over 40 years experience in all aspects of the collection, the processing, the presentation and the interpretation of spatial data. Plowman Craven 3D are now the embodiment of the term Geomatics.

Laser Scanning
Creates an organised, highly accurate, digital representation of a subject quickly and efficiently. This raw data is processed and is used in a huge number of geomatic applications such as architectural and industrial design, measured building surveying, civil engineering, heritage preservation, crime scene analysis, the film industry, virtual reality scene acquisition, 3D modelling, reverse engineering, inspection, CAD comparison, and rapid prototyping.


Plowman Craven 3D are proud to offer a completely professional service that covers the entire range of film based and digital photography. Our many clients require widely differing products but the photographers in our team fulfil all their image based data-collection requirements.


3d modelling
As a complete geomatics company, Plowman Craven not only undertake the measurement of three-dimensional data, we also specialise in its processing, modelling and presentation. For us, the time spent on site, in the studio or on location capturing the data is only the start of the job. The next logical step is 3D modelling - creating a metrically accurate and precise computer replication of the object, person, building or landscape, using the collected measurement data that exactly represents the form of the subject matter. This is our passion and the quality of our 3D modelling is a matter of professional and personal pride.


When creating a fantasy world, such as appears in some computer games, it may suffice to use fictional data. However, when creating visualisations of real 3D scenes, objects or environments, whether historical or contemporary, true metric data has to be acquired. It is in this that Plowman Craven 3D excel.


Plowman Craven are specialists in capturing, modelling and presenting accurate survey data in support of police investigations and enquiries. Our services have proven to be a valuable asset to Police teams attempting to answer the question of 'What happened?', at a crime scene or a disaster.



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