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Underwater Red One Camera Housing

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Underwater Red One Camera Housing
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Hugh Fairs
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About Underwater Red One Camera Housing

Underwater DoP Hugh Fairs and Panavision announce the new REDSEE underwater housing for the revolutionary RED ONE 4K camera system, and the Phantom Gold high speed HD camera.

Working with experienced underwater housing engineers, Greenaway Marine, award
winning underwater cameraman Hugh Fairs has designed a housing for the revolutionary RED ONE and Phantom Gold HD camera systems. Built primarily with feature films, commercials, dramas and pop promos in mind, Hugh set out to build a housing for the RED ONE and Phantom Gold, that he felt these revolutionary cameras deserved.

The REDSEE underwater camera housing comes with everything you need to get shooting.

2 x RED Din to BNC for external monitor and topside viewing
1 x wet BNC (video out to surface)
1 x vacuum pump and internal altimeter to measure internal pressure
1 x wet pluggable Ethernet cable (30m)
1 x External monitor
1 x RED right angle internal monitor lead
1 x Redbite Decimator downconverter with GPIO power lead
1 x Switronix hot swap battery holder
1 x Element Technica Iso plate

Underwater, the housing is weightless and easy to manoeuvre, having a low frontal area for use in strong currents. It can also be attached to an underwater scooter for added mobility. The hand grips are adjustable before and after for ease of use and to allow for leverage when operating.

Hugh has been working professionally as a freelance cameraman for over 12 years, both in UK and on location abroad, capturing the finest images possible, while working to meet tight deadlines.

Extensive experience with a large range of cameras and camera applications including 16mm and 35mm film. Video: HDTV, Digi Beta, Beta SX DV Cam, DVC Pro and mini cams. Libra III stabilized remote head, geared heads, one-man jimi jibs, high-speed cameras, underwater cameras, specialist lenses, car mounts, dollies, cranes and helicopter mounts. Specialising in underwater filming.
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