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DK-Technologies UK
+45 44 850 255
07870 677 763
Graeme Lewis General Manager
Unit A4, Axis Park Fort Fareham Industrial Estate,
PO14 1FD,

About DK-Technologies UK

Video Sync and Test Signal Generators
High performance sync and test signal generators generating all the signals needed for the different formats and standards available in today's production and post production facilities.

Waveform Monitor
Waveform Monitor for levelling and monitoring video signals in studio productions and postproduction.

Master Stereo and Surround Sound Meters
The MSD series are the industry standard for audio level metering. The meters support all international and regional standards.

Colour Analysers
PM5639 is a series of handheld Colour Analysers for SDTV as well as HDTV picture monitors equipped with a CRT or LCD. These units can be used as a Colour Analyser as well as an easy alignment tool for white balance. Compatible with Sony BVM E & F monitors.
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