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About Wood & Douglas

Wood & Douglas is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of wireless intercom and studio link equipment for use throughout the broadcast industry. All of the equipment is available for purchase or hire, on either short or long term contracts.

Speech Transmission by Wireless

Voice or speech communication radios have been a key product area for Wood & Douglas over the last 30 years or more. The major user of these products has been broadcasting and program making companies throughout the world with use both in the studio and for outside broadcasts.

While the range of products has been designed in close liaison with broadcast users, there are wider uses being made of these radios. The radios are particularly attractive where there are long periods of use during the working day. In these situations the long battery life, extended audio response and soft-limiting facilities make the experience more comfortable and less fatiguing.

Wood & Douglas talkback equipment is manufactured to order on customer-specified frequencies between 400 and 860MHz. It is spectrum efficient by utilizing standard 12.5 kHz or 25 kHz channel spacing frequency allocations.

Wireless Video Links

Wood & Douglas Ltd have a range of equipment available for the wireless transmission of video images. These are used in a broad range of security applications from simple single camera CCTV radio links through to rugged, encrypted digital video radio links used by military and law enforcement users in the most demanding of situations.

High quality electronic radio frequency design and manufacture is employed throughout the range ensuring that the Wood & Douglas solution will always be easy to install, operate and will deliver reliability of service.

Below are just a few applications where Wood & Douglas video link equipment is being used :-

•Video & telemetry transmission in local authority CCTV systems
•Commercial CCTV & access control systems, holiday parks, industrial estates and marinas etc
•Industrial process monitoring and protection including power generation sites
•Video feed and evidence gathering in covert operations by law enforcement agencies
•Video from maritime and coastguard boarding parties using body worn transmitters
•Video & data links between ground and UAV platforms
•Ship to shore communications including video and IP traffic over a distance of up to 80Km
•Large scale CCTV monitoring of remote mining works in difficult terrain and harsh environmental conditions

Radio Modems | Radio Transceivers

Data communication is now a part of our daily lives whether it be our cell phone or short range Blue Tooth link etc.

Most of our daily encounters with radio are mass market solutions to communication needs. They are ubiquitous, price sensitive, high volume solutions that we take for granted and which also create a pre- conception as to what is or isn't possible using radio communciations.

Below these heady mass markets there is a lower level and more specific demand for radio data communications. Demands that are not mega high volume, that need cost effective A to B connectivity and which are specific to a manufacturer and /or a market sector.

These applications are as diverse as the electronics industry is wide. Traffic light control, water leak detection, public display control, robotics - the list is endless.

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