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Our success is founded upon four unique market differentiators. First, our approach to campaign development, which is driven by business goals and distinguished by compelling creative themes. Second, our totally transparent fee structure and results-driven performance. Third, our established relationships with top market influencers. And finally, our skills-based teams, comprising specialists rather than generalists.

Our seven-strong senior leadership team includes industry experts from across the technology sphere with a combined experience of more than 85 years, yet an average age of just 35!

Whiteoaks has developed a methodology and a service offering, which makes the relevancy of PR clearer and its benefits more achievable. It's called 360PR. We focus on the fundamentals of public relations. What business objectives do our clients need to achieve? Who can make those outcomes a reality? What needs to be said to which audiences to make sure they act? How can the real value of PR be measured and reported back to the business?

Whiteoaks defines, shapes and evolves social media strategies for clients based on their business goals. We undertake social media audits of active channels for clients and their competitors to provide consultancy on improving their current approach, activity and adoption levels.

We also develop tailored guidelines that aid in the adoption of new social media strategies, and define new reporting and evaluation techniques, critical to assessing the success of your social channels.

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