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Pixelution supply computer, video, storage and peripheral equipment primarily to the film, television and broadcast markets. As a long standing solutions provider we have many years experience of tailoring hardware and software products to give our customers the performance, quality and service they require.

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Data Storage

Within our website you will find essential details on all our product lines. With the recent launch of consumer HDTV our High Definition products for Broadcasters and Production companies are proving very popular. We can supply products for each stage of production from uncompressed HD capture, editing, colour grading, effects and compositing and output in its original uncompressed format or re-formatted for digital broadcast, DVD distribution, internet streaming video or any other media.

Working with uncompressed video requires large amounts of fast storage. All our video systems have their own internal storage but we can also provide dedicated Network Attached Storage ideally suited for archiving footage and sharing data.

We can provide everything to complete your workflow and workplace from networking and cabling, to HD Plasma and LCD screens and converters, through to large scale air-conditioning.

As well as larger clients Pixelution has supplied many individuals and freelance creatives working in the Post Production industry.

Pixelution act as consultants on many different projects. Our experience and expertise uniquely place us to help with the specification and purchase of entire production environments. From power requirements and air conditioning through to networking and software, we have designed solutions for individuals and major companies alike. If you are looking to setup a new office or re-work your existing space then we would be happy to advise you on ways to increase productivity and smooth the work flow.

Our knowledge of different technologies has enabled us to craft unique solutions to specific problems. If you have a project that requires a solution not available "off-the-shelf" then we might very well be able to help. Previous projects have enabled customers to prototype or even realise projects ahead of time.


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