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Micron Radio Microphone Systems
Manufactured by Micronwireless a company specialising solely in wireless microphone technology, Micron high-performance systems are renowned for their sound quality, rugged construction and reliability in the field.

The extensive range of Micron UHF and VHF radio microphone systems is used worldwide, in television studios, in ENG and outside broadcast, for location sound recording, and in theatres and conference venues - with products in continuous service for over twenty years.

The wide choice of products includes multi-channel diversity receiving systems, single- and multi-channel portable diversity systems for sound recordists, camera-based receiving systems, pocket and hand-held transmitters, plus associated wireless talkback and monitoring systems.

New Generation MICRON Explorers Launched
Micronwireless has developed new MICRON Explorer 100 Series Radio Microphones with extra features and LCD displays. The legendary MICRON range of Radio Microphones has been extended with two new members of the Explorer 100 Series. The new body worn TX700B Transmitter and SDR550 Small true ....
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Did You Know We Still Manufacture VHF?
In this crowded and uncertain UHF environment VHF is a viable option. Micron has been making broadcast quality VHF equipment since 197....
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