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3D Studios (Food Models)

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3D Studios (Food Models)
020 7735 7932
Mobile 077 10 809692
Mobile 077 10 809692
2 Bedlam Mews,
Off Walnut Tree Walk,
London UK,
SE11 6DF

About 3D Studios (Food Models)

We design and create all kinds of models – from Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’ carved in wood for Smirnoff, to a monster-sized bug for a mobile phone ad. Our work is international, having recently worked for clients in America, France, Japan and Portugal. We work with advertising agencies, production companies, designers and photographers. 3D Studios has over 35 years' experience; there’s not much we haven’t done or can’t solve!

We also specialise in food models – ice cream, chocolate, fruit, etc. Our clients include Haagen-Daz, Kellogg’s, Mars, Nestle and Unilever. We design directly for Unilever on various products, and also for Ben & Jerry's, plus others. Our vast experience in this specialised area started with the classic ‘Just One Cornetto’ commercials, way back, and continues to the present with Cadbury chocolate ads.

Please contact Paul @ 3D Studios for help and advice concerning any future 3D projects you may be considering. Be it ice-cream or monsters!


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