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Corporation Street, Sowerby Bridge,
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For almost a century, Technicolor has been a pioneering force in the evolution of the motion picture and entertainment industries. Today, Technicolor provides the broadest set of services to entertainment and content creators and providers, offering a balance of leading-edge photo-chemical and digital technologies to create, manage and deliver content worldwide.

Our full-service capabilities equip filmmakers with the hottest new tools and techniques, from high-quality real-time, on-location tools and industry-leading color science, to the widest array of post-production and distribution services in the film world. With facilities in most of the world’s major film production centers, in support of the largest studios and independent producers alike, Technicolor has differentiated itself by our deep understanding and commitment to the creative process. We put excellence at the heart of everything we do. We deliver the very best in quality, innovation and efficiency to enable our customers to focus on what they do best, safe in the knowledge that the integrity of their content is maintained as it is created, managed and delivered to the largest possible audience worldwide. The net result for filmmakers is greater productivity, fewer hassles, and the widest possible reach to an ever-growing market for theatrical content.


Opened in January 2009 the state of the art Technicolor facility at Pinewood Studios is the most modern, efficient lab in the UK and the only film and digital post production lab located on the Pinewood Studios lot.
  • 16mm/35mm colour and black and white negative processing
  • Film and digital dailies
  • Triple and quad sound track transfer and processing
  • Front end post production services via both traditional and digital routes
  • Traditional and digital negatives/intermediates/answer prints/check prints
  • Feature, commercial and trailer release prints
  • Film cleaning
  • Anti-piracy picture and sound watermarking
  • Comprehensive 2D and Technicolor 3D film theatres
  • Filmout – Arri laser and Cinevator

Soho has long been a hub of the media world in Europe. To offer clients the best possible service, Technicolor opened a magnificent new facility in 2009, equipped with the latest technologies, offering the most complete and advanced services in the industry in the heart of Soho.
  • 3 of London’s largest theatrical grading theatres
  • Northlight and Spirit datacine Scanning (2K>6K)
  • 2K/4K colour grading
  • 2K/4K non linear edit/conform
  • 2K/4K graphics.vfx/versioning
  • 2K/4K restoration
  • Filmout – ARRI and Cinevator including ''Direct to Print''
  • Complete Data, HD and SD digital dailies Service

Post Production
  • Data, SD and HD mastering
  • Duplication to and from all formats
  • Film and Digital Restoration
  • SD and HD Pro Tools, audio laybacks and QARs

Digital Cinema
  • Mastering
  • Replication and distribution
  • 2 projection theatres (including 2D and 3D)

Contact Details
Matt Adams
Director of Sales

Pinewood Studios
Iver Heath
T: + 44 (0)1753 658 700

28 - 32 Lexington Street
T: +44 (0) 207 319 4900

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