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Corbis Motion offers one of the most comprehensive selection of high-quality contemporary and archival footage. Contemporary footage covers hundreds of subjects including people, lifestyles, business and technology, nature and wildlife, travel, time lapse, CGI and sports. Archival footage includes iconic moments and people of history, legends of cinema and television, sports heroes in action, and everyday people from every generation. Every day, advertisers, feature film producers, and corporate communications professionals turn to our 30,000+ hours of both archival and contemporary film for footage that will bring added impact to their projects.

Corbis has the world’s leading Rights Services offering with highly professional, dedicated global teams of specialists handling licensing of content, clearances and rights representation. The Corbis Rights & Music Clearances group has unprecedented relationships with third-party rights holders—including major studios, record companies, celebrities, and publishers—enabling Corbis to help clients license almost any content and handle all clearances for use. Corbis’ expertise includes sourcing content and negotiating third-party clearances for celebrities or their estates; feature films and TV clips; athletes and sports leagues; copyrights, trademarks, and logos; music and audio; and properties and landmarks. Corbis uses its industry experience and unrivalled contacts to negotiate the best fees, secure options in case of changing plans, and it provides warranties and indemnification for the rights Corbis has cleared on behalf of its clients.
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