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About RUTTERS-Translights & Backdrops

The Complete service
Many companies specialise in the production of backdrops, Translights or photobackings but Paul Rutter of Rutters, who has been in the business for over 25 years, offers the complete package for the film and TV industry, including location photography.

Location Photography
We shoot single transparencies or, more often, multiple shots which we scan at high resolution and join for wider backings. For the past few years our speciality has developed into producing panoramas. Together we have invented and engineered some add-ons for the camera equipment which enable us to shoot 360 degree panoramas extremely quickly and accurately. Several were used very successfully in the Harry Potter films, incorporated into vast wrap-around sets and more recently for the set of the James Bond film Quantum of Solace.

When time is of the essence or when budgets are tight - perhaps location photography is not feasible, so we have put together our own library of high resolution images which can be used off-the-peg, cropped or manipulated then printed to create any kind of scenic backing that is required. For example, we have more than 80 images of London streets alone. In fact we have just printed a backing for the film Cracks being filmed in Ireland and the image used has been in our library since 2001. We cropped and manipulated the image and turned the whole job around in less than a week.

Day to Night Backings
Last year Rutters took another market-leader step forward with the production of Day to Night backdrops - we know they have been produced in the USA for some time but we are the first to produce and print them in the UK. Turnaround times are shortened and test pieces can be sent out within hours for checking on set by directors, DOPs and production designers. Successful recent commissions have included The Last Enemy and A Day in the Life of Miss Pettigrew.

Although we produce backdrops and Translights we do like a props challenge - preferably involving some lateral thinking and perhaps some invention. Set designers call on us for wallpaper, fabrics, tapestries, carpets, murals and flags as well as one-off orders for printed Perspex, metal, tablecloths, blinds and reproduction paintings.

Backings of any kind are our first love - especially if the location photography is included. Recently we have worked on films such as Quantum of Solace, Me and Orson Wells, 1408 and Valkyrie. We printed backings for All Stars Mr & Mrs, Saturday Night Divas and Premier League Allstars TV shows and not forgetting commercials such as the Renault series.


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The films below are a selection of those that Rutters

The films below are a selection of those that Rutters has worked on in the past few years. We have made props for some of these films too and a few of these projects can be seen in the props section on our main website.
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