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EMA Model Supplies Ltd
020 8761 5333
01932 253766
Mike Crossland
14 Beadman Street,
Govett Avenue,
SE27 0DN,

About EMA Model Supplies Ltd

As a well-established supplier of PLASTRUCT parts and many other modelling components, we offer a comprehensive range of materials for hobbyists and professional users.

Orders can be placed via our website which gives current prices (excluding VAT) and is able to calculate shipping costs for most orders. Order can also be placed by phone, fax, mail or email as described on the first page of our printed catalogue.

For those who have a copy of our printed catalogue and want to check current prices, we have a series of on-line pages with products listed by printed catalogue page. However a faster way, if you know our product codes, is to pop the products you want to know about into a shopping cart (you can easily take them out again) using our fast pick mechanism.

Of course if you don't have a printed catalogue, then all of the same products can be found in our online catalogue.

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