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About Solo Satellite Communications

Independent Satellite News Gathering outside broadcast trucks (SNG’s)
3 Ku band fully redundant Uplink trucks
2 Ku band flyaway uplinks
1 Dual band (C, Ku) flyaway uplink
In-house webstreaming
HD & SD transmissions
Mulitple path specialists

Solo Satellite Communications Ltd., the Outside Broadcast specialists. We have three Ku-band Satellite News Gathering vehicles, two 2.4m Ku band flyaway uplinks, and a 3.7m dual band flyaway uplink. All our Outside Broadcast SNG units are available for ad hoc daily hire with engineer or for longer-term contract work. The SNG units have on board generators, mobile phones and satellite phones. Thus a link can be established in many locations where local power or phones are not available. Located centrally for the UK and Dublin for the Republic of Ireland, we can offer a solution for all your live outside broadcast requirements reliably and efficiently. The SNG units are mainly operated by our own professional and helpful crews. They are experienced in the demands of live broadcasting and will make sure your tape, news or corporate event gets to its audience on schedule.


As well covering the UK and Republic of Ireland, Solo regularly travel into Europe for major events. Kosovo crisis, Concord crash, NATO feeds, heart operations in France and Germany, snowboarding championships, tennis events, football and news coverage instantly spring to mind.
Also Solo is not just an SNG provider but has in-house capability to stream, using some of the best encoders available, pictures and sound onto the internet. This coupled with our satellite communications capability means we can take pictures from anywhere and deliver them to anywhere and everywhere, all using in house facilities.

From the smallest of bit rates in delivering via satellite and then the internet, Solo have the ability to deliver High Definition formats using again the best encoders around. Not only can we do this for a single feed but again have the in-house capability to assemble up to a four channel High Definition multiplex using a Statistical Multiplex or fixed rate multiplex. Of course we can also provide standard definition statistical and fixed rate multiplexes. We are not even limited to KU-band capability as our 3.7m flyaway antenna is also C-band capable along with four C-band capable RF transmit chains. Whatever your needs, Solo have the equipment and know-how for even the most up to date needs of today’s broadcasters. We only shout about what we know is reality and deliverable.

KU-band SNG facilities provided throughout Europe and worldwide. Based in mainland UK, for news and sports events as well as live TV injects, corporate communications and conferences. Our team of engineers and 24hr booking line are available to answer enquiries and provide solutions for all satellite links .

Three fully redundant, self contained mobile uplink units as well as fully redundant flyaway uplink facilities, provide the core 'Solo' fleet. Capable of MPEG-2DVB or Thompson ETSI as either simple SCPC, multiple SCPCs or even up to six-channel MCPC operation. MCPC configuration can be either static or reflex statistical. Comlink, Cellphone IFB, SP and SX editing and audio and visual mixing facilities also available.
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