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Altona Releases New HDMI And DVI Cables For Mounted HDTVs

There's a solution to problems facing HDTV owners placing plasma on the newest slim profile mounts proliferating the market when connecting standard HDMI cables to rear-facing HDMI ports.
The average HDMI cable connector combined with limited cable flexibility near the connector ends can extend up to two and a half inches from the HDMI port. This limited distance requires users to either use mounts or risk damaging their cable as well as their television's HDMI port.
Atlona Technologies has developed a line of HDMI 1.3b cables that cut the distance needed for the HDMI connector ends by more than 50%, extending just over 1 inch from an HDMI port.
Atlona's new HDMI and DVI to HDMI cables feature a swivel connector end which allow them to bend at 90 degrees in either direction. This new connector allows users to nearly flush mount their HDTVs. Michael Khain, who heads up Atlona's Product Development Department.
Atlona Technologies has held true to their motto of being a solutions based manufacturer since its inception, making products that resolve problems. Abandoning the "good, better, best" product strategy that has ruled the AV accessory market for year. Atlona Technologies has surpassed such standards, providing high quality products typically missing in most AV systems. These new swivel connector cables fall right in line with Atlona's market strategy of providing solutions that serve every market from Professional to Residential AV.
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