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GearBox invests in eight Mackie Big Knobs

Pro-audio hire specialist GearBox (Sound and Vision) Ltd has invested in eight Mackie Big Knob units, which are being supplied to customers that hire out Final Cut Pro HD video editing systems from the company.
Big Knob, a name inspired by its large centre-mounted volume knob, is an easy-to-use monitor switching, source switching, and level control box designed for studio owners who use computer-based systems. Designed to sit on the desktop, Big Knob allows engineers to switch easily between three sets of studio monitors, four different stereo sources, and even send musicians their own custom headphone mixes while communicating with them via the built-in Talkback microphone.
GearBox, which was established five years ago, supplies professional audio and video solutions to the broadcast, film, post-production and music recording industries.
Yan Gilbert-Miguet, the company’s Technical manager, said: “We needed a small footprint and cost-effective monitoring solution for our hire Final Cut Pro HD video editing systems. Final Cut Pro HD editors often hire multiple (FCP) systems with varying degrees of complexity and peripherals. Video editors appreciate a monitoring system that is small and easy to use. At this price point, the Big Knob is a good monitoring tool that facilities can standardise throughout they cutting rooms.”
Gilbert-Miguet added that the Big Knobs are also finding favour with Logic Pro 7 users and Pro Tools HD and LE editors, especially those working in cutting rooms where there is a need for stereo monitoring over a variety of speakers from a variety of sources.
“Quite often a mixer such as the Mackie 1604VLZ-Pro is physically too big for these customers’ needs. In these instances, the Mackie Big Knob offers a viable alternative, hence our decision to make it available as part of our hire stock.”
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