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All About Humtracks – In Just 15 Seconds
We're thrilled with this short animated video that sums up what our Humtracks label is all about: quirky, unexpected and wondrous music – by artists – that works strangely well to picture. Humtracks is the production music arm of Hum, a multi-award winning UK music production company founded by c ...
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Accessories ARRI LMB-25 MATTE BOX The new clip on matte box from Arri.
Chrosziel Matte Box
A compact and light weight matte box ideal for use with B4 lenses and a variety of on set scenarios.
£30.00/day +vat
Chrosziel Matte Box - Clip On
Clip on matte box with 2 x filter trays and top flag, simple and easy to use.
£25.00/day +vat
Vocas MB255 Matte Box
The Vocas MB-255 has been specifically designed for use with Zeiss CP.2 lenses. Therefore this mattebox is compatible with lenses that have a front side diameter of up to 114mm. The mattebox features
£25.00 per day
Genus Matte Box
The Genus matte box is a compact matte boix that mounts to 15mm bars, we can supply it with nuns knickers to work with all our DSLR lenses limiting any light leaks and flares.
£20.00/day +vat
Arri MB-18 Compact Studio Matte Box
Daily Hire Cost £50.00 + VAT Flexible mattebox offering coverage for wider primes and some zooms. Requires studio bridge plate or ARRI HD baseplate. Features include: Filter size 4 x5.65 / rou
35Mm Matte Box
Code: 35mm_Matte The 35mm Matte box is for use with any 35mm sensor camera such as the PMW-F55, Amira or C300. The Vocas matte box kit comes with 2 filter trays, drawstring & neoprene bellows, top
Chrosziel ENG Wide Angle Matte Box
Code: ChroszielMattebox The Chrosziel ENG matte box is designed specifically for wide angle zoom lenses like the Canon HJ14. These lenses are perfectly suited on an ENG camera like the PDW-F800. 1
Standard Filter Kit
But the contrast and colour saturation in your photos dramatically improves too. Blue skies become bluer, clouds stand out more, trees and grass look greener, and all the other colours in your scene s
Various Filters
Code: Filters HotCam supplies a range of filters and grads including Polarizers, Coloured Grads, ND Grads, Solid NDs, Promist and more in various different sizes. See below or call for availability
Wireless Follow Focus
Code: Wireless Follow Focus Compact ONE is a reliable entry level one axis wireless control system from cmotion. The hand controller has a single page menu clearly displayed on the integrated 2.3