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Equipment news
Tally Technologies Introduce TallyTec Pro
Tally Technologies has introduced the TallyTec Pro – a tally light and timecode transmission system designed for the professional live production market. The system continuously updates live and preview tally signals from a variety of vision mixers to wireless or wired TallyTec Pro receivers and ...
Equipment news
Small Things Can Make All The Difference
Apart from the essentials like microphones and mixer/recorders there are many small items that make the job of a location sound recordist easier, many of them introduced recently, writes Nigel Woodford. The French firm Cinela makes the OSIX range of microphone suspensions, designed to significan ...
Equipment news
Zero Division Take To The Skies
Establishing a reliable link from the skies represented a considerable challenge for the experienced RF engineers at Zero Division. The Mission For this event, the production had a camera mounted in the cockpit of an aerobatic plane with a requirement to transmit the video to a large screen on ...
Equipment news
ALEXA SXT Goes Wireless
ARRI is announcing an exciting upgrade to the ALEXA SXT platform, making ALEXA SXT the first entirely wireless professional motion picture camera system. In a move that will increase efficiency on set, ARRI has integrated a high-quality and low-latency HD video transmitter and a WiFi radio into ...
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Virtually – By Hamlet
In the course of our lives over a year we seldom expect to have so many social upheavals to deal with, but since the Brexit vote last year things just haven't slowed down at all. Now NAB is done and dusted, we can look forward to the French elections, the start of Brexit negotiations, and our ow ...
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All About Humtracks – In Just 15 Seconds
We're thrilled with this short animated video that sums up what our Humtracks label is all about: quirky, unexpected and wondrous music – by artists – that works strangely well to picture. Humtracks is the production music arm of Hum, a multi-award winning UK music production company founded by c ...
Equipment news
Calrec Audio Reveals V8 Software Updates At NAB 2017
Calrec Audio has revealed a number of updates to its V8 software. The new developments were unveiled by the company at the recent 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas. Features include improved RP1 support, switchable 96-kHz or 48-kHz sample rates, and further integration of Calrec's AoIP interface. ...
Broadcast Equipment Reviews
Do We Trust Our EVF?
Recent experiences have led me to question the qualities camera operators and Directors of Photography (DoPs) expect from EVF, viewfinders and monocular loupes. Having owned and operated Panasonic cameras for many years I am a fan of the so-called Varicam look, so the arrival of the Varicam 35mm sen ...
Latest Equipment for Sales and Hire
Line 6 Spider IV 30
in Musical Instruments

The Line 6 SPIDER IV 30 Guitar Amplifier Combo delivers a perfectly distilled collection of celebrated American and British amp tones, the u
£165.00 (inc vat)
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Genus Uni-Plate Adaptor Bar System
in Grip

Genus Uni-Plate Adaptor Bar System The Genus Uni-Plate Adaptor Bar System (Without Rods) is designed for use with large sensor video cameras
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Precision Pro XLR Male Black 5-Pin
in Cabling

Precision Pro XLR Male Black 5-Pin A precision connector combining quality and reliability. Based on Black Chrome anodised die cast zinc s
£1.24 (inc vat)
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Think Tank Airport Advantage Plus Rolling Case With Wheels (T554)
in Photography

Think Tank Airport Advantage Plus Rolling Case with Wheels (T554) Designed for traveling photographers the Airport Advantage Plus roller is
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Libec Remo 30 Remote Head, Ex Demo
in Remote Control

Libec Remo 30 remote head, Ex Demo 3 months warranty Excellent condition NOTE: Does NOT come with connecting cables What is most expecte
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DJI Pagoda Antenna SMA
in Accessories

DJI CP.VL.00000018 (CPVL00000018) Pagoda Antenna SMA Interface for DJI Goggles Racing Edition The Pagoda Antenna (SMA interface) is a 5.8 GH
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Tascam LM-8ST Line Mixer
in Audio Mixers

Tascam LM-8ST (LM8ST) Rackmount Line Mixer for Installation Studio Submixing Keyboardists The LM-8ST is a compact line mixer for installatio
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Fiilex FLXA007 Diffuser Extension
in Accessories

Fiilex FLXA007 Extension for A006 3inch Magnetic Dome Diffuser (p/n A007) The Dome Diffuser Extension is designed to attach to the magnetic
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Samyang XEEN 24Mm T1.5 Cine Le...
in Lenses

Samyang XEEN 24mm T1.5 Cine Lens PL Mount Expand your video and filmmaking experiences with XEEN cinema lenses. XEEN lenses feature declick
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Shape Dual-Axis Push Button Arm With Hot Shoe
in Grip

Shape Dual-Axis Push Button Arm with Hot Shoe Dual-Axis Push Button Arm with Hot Shoe from Shape The 2 Axis Push Button magic arm system al
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