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Microphone DPA 4061 (DPA 4061)Hire
From 5/day
Microphone DPA 4071 (4071)Hire
From 5/day
BSS AR-133 DI Box (AR-133)Hire
£4 per day - £12 per week + VAT
SE Electronics Reflexion Filter PRO Portable Vocal BoothHire
£2.50 each
Motorola Remote Handset To 6-Pin LemoHire
David Lane Radio Five Line BoxHire
Shure Tone Generator AJ5TG 700Hz @ -40DbHire
RFS Telephone (RFS)Hire
Microphone DPA 4060 (DPA 4060)Hire
From £2.50/day
£1.50 each
Video & Data MiscellaneousHire
A3 F Tracking VehicleHire
KTM Motorbike (Chapman Leonard Studio Equipment)Hire
Dune Buggy (Chapman Leonard Studio Equipment)Hire
Pedalbike Trike (Chapman Leonard Studio Equipment)Hire
Electric Trike (Chapman Leonard Studio Equipment)Hire
Quad Bike (Chapman Leonard Studio Equipment)Hire
Electric Tracking VehiclesHire
Olympian II (Chapman Leonard Studio Equipment)Hire
Raptor (Chapman Leonard Studio Equipment)Hire
Ford Tracking Car (Chapman Leonard Studio Equipment)Hire
Maverick Tracking VehicleHire
Litec Ground Support Trussing system Qd30Hire
Sennheiser EK 2000 IEMHire
YY General Purpose CableSale
RFS Umbrella (RFS)Hire
Sennheiser Popper Stopper MZP40Hire
Sescom Inc Varipad Microphone AttenuatorHire
Neumann DS120 Stereo Cross BarHire
Neutrik F-F ConverterHire
Neutrik M-M ConverterHire
RFS 10Db Attenuator (RFS)Hire
RFS 20Db Attenuator (RFS)Hire
RFS 30Db Attenuator (RFS)Hire
RFS 60Db Attenuator (RFS)Hire
RFS Grass Spike (RFS)Hire
RFS Parallel Box (RFS)Hire
RFS Press-To-Talk Switch Box (Mono)Hire
David Lane SQN Stereo To Mono BoxHire
Filmtech Silent SlateHire
K & M Gooseneck 18 Inch 223Hire
K & M Gooseneck 8 Inch 225Hire
K & M XLR Gooseneck 18 Inch 230/3Hire
David Lane Phono Selector BoxHire
AKG H10 Stereo Cross Bar 10Cm AdjustableHire
JoeCo BBR1D (JoeCo BBR1D)Hire
£30/day £120/wk
Litedeck Handrail 8’Hire
£15 /Day
Litedeck Handrail 4’Hire
£10 /Day
Litedeck 8’x4’ (Litedeck 8’x4’)Hire
£25 /Day
Litedeck 4’x4’ (Litedeck 4’x4’)Hire
£15 /Day
Transvideo HD12CINESB3D 12" CineMonitorHDHire
£350 pd
JVC 46" GD-463D10 3D MonitorHire
£300 PD
MLS PPM Monitoring (MLS 2E. MLS 6A)Hire
£60 week
Newbury Systems MLS-2D-PPMHire
Sonifex RB-DA6 (RB-DA6)Hire
From £15/day
Graphic Design (Dischromatics)Sale
Dependent on requirement
CD Duplication (80 mins)Sale
OWLE Bubo for iPhone 3G and 3GsSale
Lamps to fit RedheadsSale
Infrared night-vision cameraHire
Flycam/Cigarcam Sony XC 999P & Elmo, with 8 different lenses from 3 to 24 mm.Hire
Infrared night-vision cameraHire
button-concealed cordless audio-video SpycamsHire
Canon SS41 - Servo Zoom KitHire
Canon MS210D & MS 15 - Servo Zoom kitHire
Canon - MS 15 , Canon Servo Zoom kitHire
8 pieces of 14 pin to camera DC power cables (brand new).Hire
Fujinon teleconvertor.Hire
2 pieces of Canon teleconvertor, new and unopened (18x).Hire
Sony BVP 5P / CVC 5P CCD block, brand new.Hire
3 pieces of Sony BVP 7P / CVC 7P CCD blocks, brand new and unopened in boxes.Hire
Quantel HAL, hard disk frame, tablet and keyboardHire
Quantel Picture Box 2, disk drive, tablet and keyboardHire
Formatt 4X4, 4X5.6 and 6.6 X 6.6 glass filters,for video and 35 mm film camerasHire
wide angle adaptor for PD170 cameraHire
double-element Optex Fujinon-mount wide angle adaptorHire
brand new Z1 HDV Century Precision Optics wide angle adaptorHire
Century single element Fujinon-mount wide angle .7x adaptorHire
Century wide angle adaptor for Z1 camera , brand newHire
Sony wide angle adaptors for PD150P camerasHire
Brand new packaged UV filters for Canon HJ11, HJ22, HJ17 and HJ40 lenses : Brand new packagedHire
P+S Technic Mukasey bags (brand new)Hire
Fujinon ACM 17 2/3" lens adaptor (brand new)Hire
Sony 26 pin to 26 pin camera to VTR cables (2 and 5 meter)Hire
Sony brand new Betacam dub cablesHire
Sony VCT 14 base plates (some new and some used)Hire
set of three extension boards for Sony BVW machinesHire
Actilinear graphic equaliserHire
Acron SPG/blackburstHire
Fujinon ACM 17 2/3" lens adaptor (new)Hire
Sony PVM 8042 / 9045 QM battery-operated field monitorsHire
Sony CCU M5 and M7 PALHire
microphone table-top and ground standsHire
boom rods for audio recording workHire
Scorpion Video CD recordersHire
The SGpro 35mm AdapterHire
XDCAM Camcorder HD (PMW-EX1)Hire
Sound recorder Boom Microphone Hire
Camcorder Camera Full HDHire
Lenses 35mm (50mm 20mm 24mm 35mm 85mm 180mm Zoom)Hire
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Flagship Media Group Ltd,
Unit C3, 6 Westbank Drive, Belfast,
BT3 9LA, Northern Ireland
Tel : (028) 90319008
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