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James Davis

About James Davis Steadicam

James Davis is a professionally trained Steadicam Owner/Operator with experience in Feature Film, TV, Drama and Commercials.

Whether it’s coordinating a chase sequence in Kings Cross Station during rush hour, an intricate one-take scene, or a tracking shot in old-town Ibiza, James arrives ready to work creatively, quickly and efficiently.

His agile, collaborative, hard-working attitude ensures he is a well-regarded addition to any production.

Available for work nationally and internationally.

  • HD Ready Steadicam Rig capable of supporting all cameras up to the Arri Alexa and Red MX format
  • Steadicam Vest
  • Steadicam G50 Arm
  • HD wireless video link, for a clean full HD video feed back to either video village or to a directors monitor
  • Preston wireless follow focus system with Run/Stop capability
  • Various V-lock batteries
  • 2 x 6×4 ft Windkillers
  • Steadicam Specific Magliner Cart
  • Heavy-Duty American Grip Steadicam Stand
  • Jerry Hill Gorelock Docking/Balance Bracket, for unassisted, quick and efficient docking/undocking of Steadicam Equipment
  • All equipment transported in a fully customised works van with separate equipment compartment and quick release Magliner docking area for fast location moves, rigging and de-rigging
  • Hard-mounts, Steadicam Rickshaw, tracking vehicles, other specialist equipment and accessories available upon request. Please contact me to discuss.

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