Roger Edwards Freelance Lighting Cameraman

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Roger Edwards Freelance Lighting Cameraman
07778 321122
Managing Director
Devon Southwest,
PL21 9ST,
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About Roger Edwards Freelance Lighting Cameraman

I am a versatile freelance cameraman with considerable experience across the whole spectrum of broadcast and corporate television. I'm very easy going, enthusiastic and reliable.

I would describe myself as an “all rounder,” equally at home shooting well considered and creatively lit situations as with the camera on my shoulder “ob doc” style.

I’m very used to making quick decisions and adapting to events as they unfold. I have my own DVCAM and DigiBeta cameras and I’m fully conversant with most HD formats including the Panasonic HDX900, the Sony HDW750, PDW700 and EX3.

Being “film trained” I have a wide range of filters to achieve various "looks" and make creative use of an extensive range of lighting (a particular skill). With bases in the West Country, Bristol, Wales, Manchester and London I’m quite happy to work throughout the UK and abroad.

Kit List
  • Sony DVCam DSR450wsp

  • Sony DigiBeta DVW700wsp (790 chip)

  • Fujinon 13 x 4.5 Super Wide Angle Zoom Lens (with x2 extender)

  • Canon J14 x 8.5 Zoom Lens (with x2 extender)

  • Matte Box & extensive selection of 4"x4" glass filters

  • Sachtler Video 20 Fluid Head with heavy-duty carbon fibre legs

  • Sachtler duraluminium medium legs

  • Sachtler duraluminium baby legs

  • Teletest 7inch TFT Monitor with radio link

  • Panasonic BT-LH1700WE High Definition 17inch TFT Monitor

  • 1x Four Bank Divalite Soft Light (dimmable)

  • 1x Four Bank KinoFlo Soft Light

  • 2x Single 12 volt KinoFlo Soft Lights

  • 4x l000 watt Sealed Beam Parcans

  • 2x 2000 watt Fresnels

  • 3x 650 watt Arri Fresnels with ‘Chimera’ diffusers

  • 3x 300 watt Arri Fresnels

  • 4x 100 watt Dedolights with ‘in line’ dimmers

  • 3 channel portable dimmer

  • Gels, diffusers, flags, “Chimera” hoods, nets and reflectors

  • Assorted grip equipment

  • 1x Beyer Rifle Mic with Rycote Wind Jammer and K-Tech Boom Pole

  • 2x Audio Limited Env2 (new frequencies) UHF Diversity Tranceivers

  • 4x VoiceTech & 2x Sanken Mics

  • 4x Walkie Talkies

  • “Pro Jib” lightweight jib arm

  • “Wally Dolly” portable dolly & tracks

As mentioned in my CV I’m fully conversant with most HD formats including the Panasonic HDX900, the Sony HDW750/790, PDW700 and EX3 which can be hired locally.

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