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About Vortex Comms Audio and Video products to Broadcasters

The Access from Comrex is a true revolution in audio codecs. Developed from the ground up for use over the public internet, it provides 2-way, stable, stereo, low-delay audio over pretty much any type of internet connection, including wireless systems such as wi-fi and 3G.

Meet BRIC-Link - the industry-standard ACCESS codec's little brother. . . . BRIC-Link high-performance IP Audio Codecs are designed for point-to-point and point-to-multi-point Audio connections and use Comrex's revolutionary BRIC technology (Broadcast-Reliable Internet Codec) to deliver low-delay, jitter-free, high-quality mono or stereo audio over IP networks. They have both analogue and digital audio inputs and outputs and can send linear or compressed audio with very low delay. Uncompressed PCM plus compressed FLAC Lossless Audio Coding and AAC algorithms are all included as standard. End-to-end contact closures and ancillary serial data are also provided.

Scan Do HD - Broadcast Quality HD/SD Scan Convertor
The SCAN-DO/HD is a broadcast-quality, high-definition and standard-definition scan converter with DVI input and HD-/SD-SDI output. The SCAN-DO/HD allows websites, videos, computer graphics, video games or any other computer-generated content, at resolutions up to 1920x1200, to be broadcast in just about any standard- or high-definition format. No additional computer hardware or software is required and all internal processing paths in the SCAN-DO/HD are 10-bit, ensuring a consistently clean, high-quality output

BluePack - Bluetooth Interview Tool


* Bluetooth Wireless Technology
* Turn practically any mobile phone into a mobile interview tool
* XLR Mic Input
* 3.5 mm Stereo Line Input
* 3.5 mm Stereo Line Output
* ¼” Stereo Headphone Jack
* 10 Hours on one 9 Volt Alkaline Battery

BluePack allows live "man-on-the-street" interviews through a cell phone equipped with Bluetooth Wireless Technology. The Sourcerer PBE-980 can send VGA-type computer signals plus Mono Audio over CAT-5 UTP structured cable (and above) distances in excess of 100m, maintaining excellent signal quality and keeping degradation to a minimim. Both ends are powered.

The PBE-980 takes advantage of the widespread use of CAT-5 and structured cable for telecom and computer applications and avoids the need for costly and disruptive video and audio cable runs. Both UTP unshielded and STP shielded twisted pair CAT-5, CAT-5e, CAT-6, CAT-7 and even some CAT-3 cables are suitable.

Applications include Information Kiosks, Call-Centre screens, Message screens, Classrooms, Auditoriums, Monitoring stations, Conference Rooms, High resolution remote monitors, Home Theatre, Video Projection Systems - not forgetting multi-screen VGA distribution of our V-400V.VGA NTP-locked VGA clocks (see the Time Section of the website) which runs on PC and provides analogue clock (with hands) plus digital time with or without date on TFT and plasma screens.
SPG-100HD - Master Video and Audio Sync Generator

The SPG-100HD is a Genlock Master Sync Generator especially designed to cater for all SD/HD video & digital audio reference requirements within the broadcast, film andamp; post-production industries.

The SPG-100HD will genlock to:

* HD Tri-level sync and SD Bi-Level sync video signals.
* AES and Word Clock digital audio reference sync signals.
* LTC from video or audio time code.
* GPS 10MHz reference clock.

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