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Oxygen DCT's IPS-LCD Picture Monitors Wow Visitors At

Visitors from broadcasters and post houses were wowed by the image quality of the IPS-LCD picture monitors from UK-based equipment manufacturer and distributor Oxygen DCT at the recent event.
The event was a benchmark in LCD displays with a 9-metre wall equipped with 18 different monitors demonstrating the capabilities of existing LCD technology and the new IPS-LCD broadcast technology side.
A range of signals were used to feed LCDs of different resolutions allowing visitors to directly and objectively, compare LCD picture performance.
The IPS-LCDs stood out from the other displays of the same resolution with sharper images derived from better contrast, detail and colourimetry.
IPS is a complete revelation and real benefit as users can view pictures from acute angles or 'off axis' without loss of colour or detail. Oxygen DCT was once again showing the leading role it plays in the monitor industry with 5", 8.4", 15" and 17" IPS-LCD monitors, as well as offering the choice of the more familiar TN and OCB LCD equipped displays.
The event was also a showcase for the world-leading Penta LCD range with all displays, 17", 20", 24", 32" and 37" aligned to give identical pictures, alieviating the typical user problem of having LCD displays that do not match each other.
Penta demonstrated that you can equip a whole building or facility and have all the LCDs giving the same picture quality. Alignment was demonstrated with a Konica Minolta CS-200 probe.
The brand new Penta 32" LCD now offers users a route forward when replacing their legacy BVM32D CRT monitors. At £5,830, the Penta PD32W, 32" LCD gives comparable colourimetry, detail and contrast to a well set up CRT. It is REC709 factory-calibrated and in early user evaluations here in the UK this month feedback from clients, as a replacement for the BVM32D, has been enthusiastic to the point of orders.
On a related note, comment from users as regards the Barco v Penta picture quality is that whilst the Barco is 10 bit and has some nice features, the Penta LCDs have deeper blacks and are overall better value for money at £5.3K (24") versus £11K for the Barco (23"). In credit crunch times, the smart money is on Penta!
Astrodesign's latest 'combo' 15" LCD with waveform and vectorscope attracted many generous compliments. This product is available with 19" rack mount and makes an ideal engineering monitor, especially as it can display two signals simultaneously.
The WM3215 has a unique and practical feature in that it has two HD/SDI/dual link inputs which can be displayed side by side or even overlaid.
This is particularly useful for studios, grading suites and 3D signal monitoring. The device incorporates a full waveform monitor and vector display for not only the active picture, but for monitoring the whole signal including ancillary data. There's also a reference timing facility that allows dual-link users to check for any timing differentials between dual-link signal paths. Finally, the 15" size display is really beneficial for people who are at a time of life where a larger display is easier to read!
This event was an opportunity to assess Astrodesign's rasteriser, waveform and vectorscope, sync and test generators and Teranex's HD up, down and cross converters amongst many. Following the acquisition of Sandar by Utah, Oxygen DCT are now also handling one of the industry's most famous routing switcher brands, Utah Scientific. In the early days of digital video, Utah routers were the backbone of many Soho facilities and have since evolved the most extensive range of routers and master control solutions. The latest, a 1056 x 1056 HD in just one rack, saves space and reduces cost of signal processing, distribution and routing.

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