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Chromakey Green Drape
Green Chromakey Drape for creating a green screen background. This 12x12 Drape allows you to do full body shots, rather than just head and shoulders. It's set out with a full goal post kit and gri
£30.00/day +vat
Chromakey Green / Blue Lastolite
Chromakey Lastolites, with one side blue and one green so you can use either option on set, these are pop up green screens giving you no creases for ease in lighting and the edit. For shooting green s
£25.00/day +vat
Chromakey Green Screen
Daily Hire Cost £20.00 + VAT Chromakey Green Screen We stock 2 sizes of Green Screen cloth which can be hired individually at £20 + vat each. If you require a Frame setup including 2 x stands, cr
Backdrop Chroma Key Green Or Blue Cloth Screen 3...
One of the biggest challenges any photographer faces is finding the perfect backdrop. Technically, a backdrop refers to anything that can be used to enhance the look of the photograph. Put simply, the
£40 + vat hire price per week