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Equipment news
Procam's Top 6 Most Popular Rental Cameras
From handheld cameras to complex multi-camera productions, there is a world of technological solutions to help achieve your creative vision. Whatever your production needs, Procam has it covered. Here's a look at our top 6 most popular rental cameras. 1. ARRI ALEXA MINI Leading the pack is the ...
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Digital Cinema Cameras Finally Steal Film's Format Cloths
Doing the MONSTRO Mash: George Jarrett talks to the full-frame and large format protagonists at the costly drama and movie end of the camera market. Like creatures in the wild that increase the number of progeny they produce in food rich years, the lens and camera vendors know a glut of high qual ...
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ALEXA SXT Goes Wireless
ARRI is announcing an exciting upgrade to the ALEXA SXT platform, making ALEXA SXT the first entirely wireless professional motion picture camera system. In a move that will increase efficiency on set, ARRI has integrated a high-quality and low-latency HD video transmitter and a WiFi radio into ...
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Do We Trust Our EVF?
Recent experiences have led me to question the qualities camera operators and Directors of Photography (DoPs) expect from EVF, viewfinders and monocular loupes. Having owned and operated Panasonic cameras for many years I am a fan of the so-called Varicam look, so the arrival of the Varicam 35mm sen ...
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RED Have Done It Again With The RED EPIC-W 8K
With the largest inventory of digital cinemas in the world, it's always hard to purchase every new camera release and still turn a profit. After all, we are a rental house so we need to stock cameras that productions need. RED now boasts a rather inflated and confusing line up, but the RED EPIC-W 8K ...
Broadcast Equipment Reviews
Video Europe Reviews The Nokia OZO
The Nokia OZO is our most exciting new piece of kit, the first VR 360 camera built from the ground up. The industrial design of the unit is reminiscent of Space Odyssey's Hal or The Matrix Sentinels and its potential is just as futuristic as the images it conjures up. No more multi-camera rigs w ...
Cameras and Camcorders Equipment Sales Page 1
14M Single Expanding HD OB With 12 Cameras And Lenses Etc
Designed for up to 16 Cameras. Complete working system with 12 Cameras, Lenses, Tripods. Radio camera kit. BDL AutoScript Teleprompter system. Radio Mics, EIMs. All equipment new in 2104. More detail
20 - 24 Camera Expanding HD Outside Broadcast Unit Fully Refitted In 2015
Trailer with large expanding side. Full HD 1080. Complete new interior refit, redesign and rewire in 2015. Interior is all brand new. 4 Production areas - Sound - Video Production - VTR - Vision.
11.4M 12 Cameras Expanding HD OB With Tender Van - UK Right Hand Drive
Single Expanding HD OB right hand drive ( steering on right when facing forward ). With Right hand drive Tender Van. Designed to run 12 Cameras and 3 x EVS plus VTR. GVG Kayak 42 Input Vision Mixer
HD 6-8 Camera OB/DSNG - KU Band Fully Redundant - Left Hand Drive With Tender Van
6-8 Camera HD OB Van with Fully Redundant Advent Newswift 1.5m KU - 2 x Xicom 400W HPAs - Satellite Uplink & Tender Van COACH BUILD Acquisition and coach-build of Mercedes 519 CDI van with extra-l
Brand New 4 Camera HD OB
Complete System Designed for 4 cameras. For-a 1ME Vision Mixer with built in Synchronisers Quartz Video Router 4 x HD Cameras/Lens/Tripods included Please ask for full specification sheet.
6-8 Camera HD OB And Tender Van - UK Right Hand Drive
Two OB Units - Unit 1 and Unit 2 - Right hand drive UK Spec Built in the UK. Price £125,000 to include BOTH units. MAIN OB UNIT 1 is designed to run 6-8 Cameras with space for one or two VTR. Sony
Mercedes Vario 8 Camera HD Unit OB Unit
Compact but powerfull 8 Camera HD unit OB unit. Three production areas - Main Production with 4 seating positions. Sound at front of vehicle- 1 seating position. Engineering / Vision at rear with 3 en
Mercedes 519D Left Hand Drive KU Band HD DSNG/OB With 1.8M Antenna - 3 Camera
Production For-a HVS-4000 Vision mixer Newtec HD/SD 32X32 Router Newtec AES 32 x 32 Router Miranda Kalido Solo Multi-viewer LCD Monitors 46,19,17 inch Tek WFM-5000 Clearcom Pico Eclipse Talkbac
£100,000 - price reduced
Fully Redundant KU Band HD DSNG/OB 1 1 Left Hand Drive - 4 Camera - Four Wheel Drive - 1.8M Antenna
4 Camera capable OB-DSNG 1.8m Advent Nu Swift Antenna ( aprox 2 years old ) 2 x Xicom 400w HPA 2 x Ericsson AVP 3000 Encoders 1 x Modulator SD-encoder / HD DVE5100 2 x Modulators NEWTEK 2280 DVB
£75,000 - price reduced
Dual Or Single Thread KU Band HD SNG/OB - 6/8 Cameras - Left Hand Drive
RF: License for: Intelsat & Eutelsat Antenna: 1.2 m IGP, TX Gain 44.2 dBi typical Antenna controller: IGP MSC03 & IGP L-2 LNA/LNB control unit HPA: Xicom XT-400K (400 Watt KU Band 13.75 - 14.5
€65,000 single or
Fully Redundant KU Band HD DSNG/OB 1 1 Left Hand Drive - 4 Camera - Four Wheel Drive - 4 Units Avail
We have 4 of these units available all of very similar specification. They are all wired for four cameras. 4 wheel drive. 4 Camera capable OB-DSNG 1.2 AVL Antenna. 2 x Xicom 400w HPA 2 x Erics
£55,000 each - price reduced
RED WEAPON Woven CF 8K - Standard (3-Pack OLPF)
RED WEAPON Woven CF Digital Cinematography Camera with 8K HELIUM S35 CMOS Sensor - Brain Only (3-Pack OLPF) (p/n 790-0569-3PK) PLEASE NOTE:WEAPON 8K S35 is NOT compatible with 8K VV lens mounts. PLEAS
RED WEAPON Woven CF 8K - Stealth (3-Pack OLPF)
RED WEAPON Woven CF Digital Cinematography Camera with 8K HELIUM S35 CMOS Sensor Brain Only - Stealth Branding (3-Pack OLPF) (p/n 790-0571-3PK) PLEASE NOTE:WEAPON 8K S35 is NOT compatible with 8K VV l
RED WEAPON Woven CF 8K - Stealth
RED WEAPON Woven CF Digital Cinematography Camera with 8K HELIUM S35 CMOS Sensor Brain Only - Stealth Branding (Standard OLPF) (p/n 710-0260-STD) PLEASE NOTE: WEAPON 8K S35 is NOT compatible with 8K V
Canon - Digisuper 90 - Uj90x9b IESD-SH -...
4K UHD Digisuper 90 broadcast field box lens 9 to 810mm fully serviced & 3 months warranty - Focal length range : 9 - 810 mm - Zoom : 90x - Zoom extender x2 - Maximum relative aperture : 1:2.4 a
52000 €
Canon - Digisuper 100 - Xj100x9.3B - Field...
The Canon Digisuper 100 - XJ100x9.3B broadcast field box lens is fully serviced & 3 months warranty Main features : - Focal length range : 9.3 - 930 mm - Zoom : 100x - Zoom extender x2 - Object
42000 €
Imagine Communication - Harris - Platinum...
Video router HD - Imagine Communication - Harris Platinum 28RU fully serviced - Capacity : 512x512 Current configuration : - 19 IN cards - 19 OUT cards - 2 controls cards PT-RES - 4 crosspoint
38000 €
Canon - Xj86x9.3B IE-II - Super Telephoto...
Stabilized DIGISUPER 86x MKII CANON broadcast HDTV box-lens - canon xj86x9.3b ie ii Focal lenght : 9.3-800mm | 18.6-1600 mm with extender Zoom : 86 x Maximum aperture : 1:1.7 at 9.3-340mm | 1:4.0 a
34000 €
RED EPIC-W 8K Brain (3-Pack OLPF)
RED EPIC-W 8K Digital Cinematography Camera with 8K HELIUM S35 CMOS Sensor - Brain Only (3-Pack OLPF) (p/n 790-0572-3PK) EPIC-W carries on the legacy of the original EPIC which became the industry wor
Fujinon - Xa87x9.3 BESM-516 - 2/3" HD...
The Fujinon Digipower XA87x9.3 FESM 2/3 HD telephoto studio Field box lens is fully serviced by Fujinon & 3 months warranty. Main features : - Focal lenght : 9.3 - 1150 mm - Zoom extender x2 - Ape
32000 €
RED EPIC-W 8K - Brain
RED EPIC-W 8K Digital Cinematography Camera with 8K HELIUM S35 CMOS Sensor - Brain Only (Standard OLPF) (p/n 710-0263-STD) EPIC-W carries on the legacy of the original EPIC which became the industry w
Sony PDW-850 Camcorder
Sony PDW-850 (PDW850) XDCAM Broadcast Shoulder Mount Disc Camcorder with 2/3-inch type 48 Bayonet Mount Please Note: Image for illustration purposes only. Lens and other accessories not included. Succ
CANON - Hj40x10b IASD-V - Super Telephoto...
2/3 Super telephoto stabilized canon lens - canon hj40x10b iasd-v Aspect ratio : 16:9 Zoom : 40x Focal length : 10 - 400 mm Focal length with extender : 20 - 800 mm Maximum relative aperture : 1:
25000 €
Fujinon - Ha42x9.7BERD-U48 - Super...
Super Telephoto HD Broadcast lens - Fujinon HA42x9.7BERD-U48 fully serviced & 3 months warranty - Focal lenght : 9.7 - 410 mm - Zoom ratio : 42x - Extender 2x - Maximum relative aperture : 1:2 (9.
25000 €
Sony HDC-2500 High Defintiion / 3G Fibre Channel Complete
used condition but fully working includes 1x HDC2500 sony camera head (normal speed and slo motion speed support (HD and 3G) 1x HDCU1000 high defintiin CCU full rack fibre optic ccu In addition to
Sony PXW-Z450 4K Camcorder
Sony PXW-Z450 (PXWZ450) 4K Shoulder Mount Camcorder with 2/3 Exmor R CMOS Sensor and B4 Lens Mount Please Note:Main firmware V3.00 and Network Function firmware V3.15 are now availablehere. Read the e
RED Cinema Package
RED DSMC2 Cinema Package compatible with the RED Weapon 8K and 6k Epic-W Scarlet-W and Raven (p/n PKG-D2-CINE) The DSMC2 Cinema Package is the comprehensive solution for large scale productions as wel
Sony PXW-X500 Camcorder
Sony PXW-X500 (PXWX500) XDCAM Shoulder Mount Camcorder with Three 2/3-inch HyperHAD FX Full HD CCD Sensors and Multi-Format Recording Please Note: Lens Radio Mics Mic and Viewfinder are NOT included w
Sony PMW-F55 Compact Cinealta Camera
Sony PMW-F55 (PMW/F55, PMW F55, PM-WF-55, PMWF/55) Compact CineAlta Camerax The Sony PMW-F55 CineAlta 4K Digital Cinema Camera features an 8.9MP Super 35mm image sensor, capable of capturing 4K, 2K a
Canon BU-47H Pan-Tilt Camera
Canon BU-47H HD Pan-Tilt Camera System for Outdoor and Indoor Use (p/n 8017B003AA) The Canon BU-47H is a turn-key Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera solution for outdoor broadcasters cable networks diverse business
Sony PMW-F55 4K Fibre Adapter
Sony CA-4000 (CA4000) 4K Fibre Transmission Camera Adapter for the PMW-F55 Super 35mm 4K CMOS Sensor Camera 4K fibre transmission camera adaptor for PMW-F55 Super 35mm 4K CMOS sensor cameraThe CA4000
Sony PXW-Z450 4K 2/3-Type CMOS Sensor Advanced Shoulder Camcorder
Sony PXW-Z450 (PXWZ450, PXW/Z450, PX-WZ-450, PXW Z450) 4K 2/3-type CMOS sensor advanced shoulder Camcorder The PXW-Z450 4K UHD Shoulder Camcorder from Sony features a single Exmor R CMOS sensor with
Sony HXC-FB80 With Lens & VF
Sony HXC-FB80 (HXC-FB80KL/HXC-FB80KN) Three 2/3-inch Exmor CMOS Sensor HD Colour Studio Camera with LCD Viewfinder Microphone and Lens package Please note: This camera is available with multiple inter
Sony HSC-100RF//U
Sony HSC-100RF//U Digital Fibre Studio Camera Head with SMPTE311M Lemo Connector (HSC-100RF) Sony (HSC-100RF//U) Digital Fibre Studio Camera head with SMPTE311M Lemo Connector. Features 2/3 Full HD CC
Sony HDC-P1/A
Sony HDC-P1/A (HDCP1A) 2/3 inch Power HAD FX CCD Sensors Full HD Compact System Camera with HD-SDI Output Uncompromising Full-HD performance from compact camera. There is an increasing demand for smal