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The company established in 1951 was the forerunner in the supply of Action Cars to the film, Television and commercial Industry. Television series such as Dixon of Dock Green and No Hiding Place instigated the name Nine Nine.


During the first 20 years when everything was in its infancy the demand for all types of action vehicle developed, and so the demand for new types of tracking methods increased. Nine-Nine Cars, seeing a future requirement of Camera Tracking Vehicles, developed and built the first ever Low Loader for this purpose. Even today we are the leaders in this field with untold experience.

In 1978 we developed the first mobile pod fitted to a Range Rover for the use of the Panaglide Camera System. This enabled a full-blown motorcycle chase on road and across country to be filmed at high speed. The operator was concealed in a safety structure which could be fitted to the front or rear of the vehicle. This gave the audience the feeling that they where taking part in the actual chase.


With so many years in the film industry our safety record comes out top of the list. We feel this has been achieved through experience but also, our Company Director being a Stunt Co-ordinator and a member of the Stunt Co-ordinators Guild we fully appreciate and understand the hazards of the profession and the circumstances that can lead to an accident happening. For this reason all our staff are 100% safety conscious and will not at any time take risks or be pushed into unsecured situations. At all times safety comes first.

With the constant addition of new equipment coupled with our expansion into Europe, our resources are virtually limitless and backed by an efficient and reliable administration team, we guarantee services that are exceptional.



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