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Kent & Sussex HealthCare On Set Medical Cover
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About Kent & Sussex HealthCare On Set Medical Cover

Kent and Sussex Healthcare is an up-and-coming business based in the southeast of England, operating out of Maidstone and Hastings. We offer a variety of services across the UK, including event medical support, first-aid training, onset medical cover, on-screen assistance for realism professionalism and alongside that, sports and holistic massage therapy. We can also offer training services for actors to learn the correct way to undertake specific medical techniques, ranging from CPR, all the way up to detailed intricate interventions, and advanced life-saving techniques. We help you make it look real.

We can offer in vision support with professionally trained ambulance and hospital personnel to provide realism and believability to your production, this can be anything from first-aid techniques, ambulance personnel functioning in a range of different emergency situations, medical teams within a hospital or operating theatre environment. You can add to the credibility of your filming by ensuring that all medical activities are accurate and meet with current guidelines and up-to-date techniques and working practices. This can also include emergency driving of ambulances or other emergency vehicles. We can provide professionally trained blue light drivers to ensure that where an emergency vehicle is seen being used under emergency conditions, the vehicle is driven to current legal requirements and safe working practice.

Our event medical services offer a range of solutions from basic first aid, up to paramedic and nurse led support, and where necessary we can provide ambulances, this is done in association with CQC regulated ambulance providers at sensible prices.

We offer effective first-aid training to train onset crew, and where necessary, administrative or cast members. We believe in providing high-quality service, focusing not only on providing practical and theory training, but ensuring a person goes away with the confidence to act and use that knowledge and skill.

Our sports and holistic massage therapy services offer a range of techniques and competencies, designed to work alongside stunt teams, as well as looking after the health and welfare of cast and crew, a happy healthy team, is a productive team. Sports & Holistic massage can be arranged at any of our clinic locations, or at your premises where suitable facilities are available.

All of our solutions focus on high-quality, exceptional service, and fair pricing. We offer our services across the UK.

For more information, please visit our website at and contact us via the general inquiries form, or email us at

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  • Medical Services
  • First Aid Training
  • Medical Support Services
  • Medics
  • Unit Nurses
  • Onset Nurses
  • Medical Technique Training For Actors
  • Onset Medical Teams
  • Professional Medics On Screen
  • Professional Trained Blue Light Drivers
  • Areas Covered UK and Europe
  • Medical and Paramedic Advisors
  • Health & Safety
  • Location Medics
  • Event Medical Cover
  • Location Medical Cover
  • Stunt Medical Cover
  • Medical Support for Stunt Work
  • Onset Holistic Massage Therapy
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